Caribbean Law Students Association

Caribbean Law Student Association

The Caribbean Law Students’ Association (CLSA) was founded in 2002 and seeks to involve Caribbean Law Students in activities that encourage academic and professional excellence, and promote a greater awareness and commitment to the Caribbean Community in South Florida.

The Objectives of the Organization are to:

  • Articulate and promote the goals and objectives of Caribbean Law Students in South Florida.
  • Foster and encourage academic and professional excellence among Caribbean Law Students.
  • Promote a greater awareness of and commitment to the civil and political rights of the Caribbean community.
  • Foster and engender relationships with Caribbean Law Students outside of Florida and the United States.
  • Develop relationships with Caribbean academic and professional organizations;
  • Increase the enrollment of Caribbean law students.
  • Promote the general welfare of Caribbean citizens in South Florida.
  • Uphold the honor and integrity of the legal profession among Caribbean Law Students, both on a local and national level.
  • Create networking opportunities for Law Students interested in doing business with the Caribbean and its community.

We look forward to meeting you this upcoming year.  Please feel free to contact either of our board members with any questions or concerns.

CLSA Bylaws

2016-2017 Executive Board

Dorian Brown President
Calvin Austin
Vice President
Christina Collie Secretary
Sherisse Lewis Treasurer
Morgan Spencer Public Relations Officer
Steve Fernandez Community Outreach Coordinator
Tshai Wright Fundraising Chair
Kristoffer Ramsay 3L Day Representative
Neilson Brown 3L Evening Representative
Alexander Mendez 2L Day Representative
Samantha D Munnilal 2L Day Representative
London Banks 2L Evening Representative
Melissa Fisher 1L Evening Representative
Nadine Rogers 1L Evening Representative

Faculty Advisors

Jane Cross Professor of Law
Kenneth Lewis, Jr. Associate Professor of Law

General Members

  • Marissa Bailey
  • Michelle Bailey
  • Ananda Balroop
  • Rossandre Baptiste
  • Michael Beharry
  • Nefertari Bennett
  • Holly Bowers
  • Michelle Brown
  • Althea Bryan Farr
  • Raymon Burns
  • Joni Caldwell
  • Kristopher Cameron
  • Ashanda Carter
  • Kesha Davidson
  • Nadia Ennaji
  • Drew Gaddis
  • Krystena Geer
  • Shelly Grant
  • Stephen Guerrero
  • Keisha Hall
  • Matthew Hodge
  • Kristina Hornsby
  • Quettia Isoff
  • Navit Jackson
  • Leif Jeanty
  • Aleeyah Jones
  • Harry Joseph
  • Nahum Joseph
  • Paul Kowadek
  • Joanna Llera
  • Sergio Lozano
  • Nadine Mathieu
  • Cynthia Miller
  • Stephanie Morgan
  • Mayda Nahhas
  • Tanecia Natto
  • Shlomo Nizahon
  • Suzie Norelus
  • Lora Plemondon
  • Pieter Quakenbush
  • Chrystal Robinson
  • Adrienne Rodriguez
  • Julia Rodriguez
  • Nadine Rogers
  • Mariah Schiff
  • Timothy Shields
  • Ryan Stevens
  • John Toussaint
  • Olestine Turenne
  • Adam Wagner