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Merit Scholarships

The Admissions Committee makes a determination of a merit scholarship award at the time of admission. Notification of a scholarship is included in the letter of admission. If your admission letter does not indicate an award, then one is not being awarded for first year.

If your LSAT score and undergraduate GPA are both above the median-approximately 150 and 3.00-you would likely receive a merit scholarship award. Awards range from $5,000 to $36,000 and awarded to both full-time and part-time students. Recognizing that the traditional indicators of LSAT score and GPA are imperfect predictors, we would award a scholarship at the end of the first year of law study if your GPA as a full-time student is 3.20 or better, or as a part-time student, 3.40 or better, and you did not receive a scholarship award when admitted to the JD program. That award would begin in your second year at NSU Law.

Merit scholarships are renewable each year based on law school performance at the end of each academic year. Approximately one-third of the first year class enters with a merit award and more than 70% of those awarded retain their scholarships in full.

Other Scholarships

NSU Shepard Broad College of Law offers a variety of scholarships to assist students in meeting the cost of attendance. Scholarships are competitive and should not be your only source of non-loan funding sought as that will limit your options. In addition to the scholarships listed below, you should consult the NSU listing of external scholarships as well as scholarship search engines on the Internet. Reputable search engines do not charge a fee; those that charge are typically scams. Two excellent search engines are and It is never too early to begin exploring scholarship options that are not administered by the NSU Law. In fact, many of the scholarships you discover will have deadlines that come before you have learned of an admission offer or decided where you will enroll. You should still apply - if successful, those awards can be used at any school.


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