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Leo Goodwin Sr. Hall, NSU Main Campus

Welcome from Dean Garon

Dean Jon Garon

Welcome to Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law.

Amazing students are drawn to NSU Law because of our tradition of innovation, the impressive students and alumni within our community, and the ability to learn the critical, real-world skills needed to launch a legal career. The idyllic South Florida location helps too.

A combination of specialty programs, clinical education, international opportunities, and dual-degree offerings makes NSU Law stand out. Our students come from across the globe. Many are from Florida, but others come from states throughout the U.S. and countries in Latin America and Europe. The 2016 class includes students from 35 different nations of birth and 50% students of color. The class also boasts 89 different undergraduate majors.

Hands-on, Self-Directed Learning

Our comprehensive curriculum enables students to select their primary interests, including health law, international law, intellectual property law, civil litigation, criminal law, family law, business law or most other practice areas. Some students choose to participate in concentrations in health law or international law, while others join dual-degree programs that combine law with business, computer science or medicine. The specialty program in the “business of lawyering” provides an important immersion into the economics, technology, leadership, and management of legal services and training for the entrepreneurial lawyer.

Our experienced faculty founded NSU Law as a place where great ideas are actively placed in practice. Students learn through doing. This hands-on experience is built upon a foundation of rigorous, in-depth study. Every student is guaranteed a live client clinic or field placement clinic, assuring an opportunity to work directly with clients. The field placement clinic enables students to engage in real-world legal work in the areas of their interest and wherever that interest might take them.

Supplementing our clinical programs are our workshop courses. Workshops provide hands-on experience in the classroom, enabling students to practice what they have learned and better understand just what area of law is best suited for them. Dozens of workshop courses enable students to develop the real-world skills needed to bridge the theory of law into the practice areas of their choice.

A Regional College of Law with International Impact

With law school partnerships in Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Israel, and England, the NSU Law experience remains a truly global undertaking. Visiting scholars, lawyers, and students from around the globe add to our understanding of the world around us and build on our highly recognized international efforts. In addition, our study abroad opportunities and dual degree programs enable J.D. students to earn their law degrees abroad.

At NSU Law, our expansive, inclusive community reflects our commitment to being among the most diverse law schools in the United States. Through student organizations, community partnerships, and coursework, students become part of an open, pluralistic community dedicated to expanding opportunity and justice for all the communities we reach.

More than Just a Law School

NSU Shepard Broad College of Law is an international community of leaders, lawyers, and learners. Located in South Florida, the College of Law sits among 314-acres of greenbelt, creating the ideal environment for mixing culture, ideas, perspectives, and people. The result is a passionate, highly engaged community, which works collaboratively on education, scholarship, public policy, and justice. But more than the idyllic location is the people. Our students, faculty, and staff all work to assure a warm, open environment.

Just the Beginning

I urge you to learn about the unique opportunities at NSU Shepard Broad College of Law. Come by, sit in on a class, and meet the people that will help you make your own law school goals become a reality. Please call us, e-mail, or stop in to learn more.

I hope to see you here.

Jon Garon

Jon M. Garon
Dean and Professor of Law

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