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Exam Administration

All students are responsible for being familiar with NSU Shepard Broad College of Law’s exam policies and procedures. The College of Law requires a final examination in every course for which credit is given, except clinical work and courses requiring extensive written work such as student competitions, Legal Research & Writing I & II, seminars, workshops, and supervised research and writing projects. Although faculty members decide which type of assessment to require for their class, exam administration is executed by the Office of Student Services. Please check with your professor regarding the assessment measures planned for your course. 


BE PREPARED! Make sure you review ALL the Exam Administration sub-pages


Exam Policies & Procedures

Information about rescheduling, exam emergencies, technical issues, accommodations, honor code, exam review scheduling, and more.

Exam Software

Information about Examplify exam software, installation, device minimum requirements for taking exams at NSU Law, and how to use the Examplify software. Prepare for your exams by taking a practice mock exam. 


Fall 2023 Final Exam Periods

Last updated May 15, 2023

Times are added approximately 2 weeks prior to the beginning of exam day.

The following schedule is subject to change due to institutional requirements. Students are required to take examinations at the regularly scheduled date and time specified below unless there are "extraordinary and compelling circumstances" or if section 2.3 of the Code of Academic Regulations specifically provides for rescheduling. Refer to the Policies & Procedures for further information regarding rescheduling and emergency protocols. 

Exam Schedule
CRN Course Professor Exam Date Time
23917 Real Estate Transactions Uzdavines Sat., Dec 2 TBD
23910 FL Constitutional Law Rizzardi Sat., Dec 2 TBD
23865 Intellectual Property Feliú Sat., Dec 2 TBD
23912 Bankruptcy Law Perez Sun., Dec 3 TBD
Multiple Elements of Legal Analysis II - D01, D02, E01 Chandelle & Randle Sun., Dec 3 None
23935 Florida Bar Exam Lab - D01 Murphy Sun., Dec 3 TBD
23936 Florida Bar Exam Lab - E01 Murphy Sun., Dec 3 TBD
23906 Income Tax Marty-Nelson Mon., Dec 4 TBD
23937 Contracts - D01 Vollweiler Mon., Dec 4 TBD
23938 Contracts - D02 Shu-Acquaye Mon., Dec 4 TBD
23939 Contracts - D03 Shu-Acquaye Mon., Dec 4 TBD
23940 Contracts - D04 Vollweiler Mon., Dec 4 TBD
23941 Contracts - E01 Perez Mon., Dec 4 TBD
23914 Patent Law Smiley Mon., Dec 4 TBD
24217 Health Care Orgs, Regs, & Access Agris Mon., Dec 4 None
23885 Constitutional Law II - D01 Canova Tue., Dec 5 TBD
23886 Constitutional Law II - D02 Garon Tue., Dec 5 TBD
23887 Constitutional Law II - D03 Garcia Tue., Dec 5 TBD
23888 Constitutional Law II - E01 Wilets Tue., Dec 5 TBD
23933 Multistate Bar Exam Lab - D01 Grossman Tue., Dec 5 TBD
23934 Multistate Bar Exam Lab - E01 Grossman Tue., Dec 5 TBD
23863 Internet Law Levy Tue., Dec 5 TBD
23881 Evidence - D01 Braccialarghe Wed., Dec 6 TBD
23882 Evidence - D02 Dobson Wed., Dec 6 TBD
23883 Evidence - D03 Braccialarghe Wed., Dec 6 TBD
23884 Evidence - E01 Arcaro Wed., Dec 6 TBD
23924 Trusts - E01 Maurer Wed., Dec 6 TBD
24012 Trusts - L01 Richmond, Gail Wed., Dec 6 TBD
23918 Condominium Law Stivelman, Sheir, & Eisinger Wed., Dec 6 TBD
33168 Advanced Legal Research - L01 LaBossiere Wed., Dec 6 None
23947 Criminal Law - D01 Arcabascio Thu., Dec 7 TBD
23948 Criminal Law - D02 Chaney Thu., Dec 7 TBD
23949 Criminal Law - D03 Dobson Thu., Dec 7 TBD
23950 Criminal Law - D04 Khan Thu., Dec 7 TBD
23903 Criminal Law - E01 Consalo Thu., Dec 7 TBD
23923 Construction Law Colon Thu., Dec 7 TBD
23890 Criminal Procedure - E01 Arcabascio Thu., Dec 7 TBD
23957 Admin Law Arcaro Thu., Dec 7 None
23861 Disability Law Uzdavines Fri., Dec 8 TBD
23909 Environmental Law Rizzardi Fri., Dec 8 TBD
23916 International Law Wilets Fri., Dec 8 TBD
23905 UCC: Sales - D01 Struffolino Fri., Dec 8 TBD
23951 UCC: Sales - L01 Shu-Acquaye Fri., Dec 8 TBD
23866 Business Entities Litman Sat., Dec 9 TBD
23956 Juvenile Law Dale Sat., Dec 9 TBD
23862 Corporations Canova Sat., Dec 9 TBD
23932 Intro to EU Law Khan Sat., Dec 9 CANVAS
23942 Torts - D01 Flynn Sun., Dec 10 TBD
23943 Torts - D02 Donoho Sun., Dec 10 TBD
23944 Torts - D03 Bertrand Sun., Dec 10 TBD
23891 Torts - D04 Hnylka Sun., Dec 10 TBD
23945 Torts - E01 Donoho Sun., Dec 10 TBD
23889 Family Law Arcaro Sun., Dec 10 TBD
23915 Insurance Law McIntosh Sun., Dec 10 TBD
23864 Ocean & Coastal Law Hull Sun., Dec 10 TBD
23892 Professional Responsibility - E01 Struffolino Sun., Dec 10 TBD
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