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Student Organizations - Helpful Resources

Manuals and forms in this page are susceptible to changes.


All student organizations are under the disciplinary jurisdiction of the Office of Student Conduct. All student organizations and groups are subject to the rules and policies of Nova Southeastern University (NSU), including, but not limited to, the NSU Student Handbook, and are subject to the NSU Law Code of Academic Regulations. 

In addition to the NSU Law Student Organization Handbook, see below helpful resources and frequently asked questions that may guide you through your NSU Law leadership journey. 

Policies, Manuals & Handbooks 




Student Event Resources 


Frequently Asked Questions


To schedule a room at the Shepard Broad College of Law building fill out an Event Request Form

For rooms outside the College of Law building, email

*For certain rooms the capacity number includes the instructor (podium). Please contact for any questions or clarifications.
Room Name Room Number Capacity*
Courtroom 1 156 44
Judge's Chambers 158 12
Jury Room 157 14
Courtroom 2 155 32
Lecture Room 1 141 72
Lecture Room 2 140 70
Lecture Room 3 169 72
Lecture Room 4 170 72
Lecture Room 5 171 72
Classroom 1 142 38
Classroom 2 143 50
Classroom 3 168 50
Seminar 1 176 21
Seminar 2 L-317 34
Seminar 3 172 20
Large Lecture 200 124
Classroom L-316 L-316 48
Faculty Study 236 50
Faculty Terrace 229 36
Atrium N/A 150
1st Floor Library N/A 50
3rd Floor Library N/A 150

NSU faculty, staff and students may request Audio Visual for an event by visiting Service Manager

Click on > Request Something > Audio Visual Support Request 

Please make sure to review the policies and procedures for AV located at the top of the request form before completing your request. Charges may apply for outside normal coverage hours. 

Shark Dining Catering is the official catering service for NSU. 

Shark Dining Catering
Rosenthal Building
3300 S. University Drive,
Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33328-2004
954 262-5345

To view Shark Dining Catering options click here.

Student Organizations can use alternative vendors, please refer to the NSU Law Student Organizations Manual under the Helpful Resources Page for approved vendor alternatives.

Please contact to add your event to the NSU Law Calendar webpage.

Name of Event



Attach your event flyer

Who is your audience

Contact person with email and phone

Please contact to add your event to the NSU Law building screens. You must submit a PowerPoint slide with all of your event information on it. Best practice would be to follow the guidelines below: 

On-screen Show (16:9) sets the slide dimensions to 10 in x 5.625 in. Widescreen sets the dimensions to 13.333 in x 7.5 in. Both of these options are the same aspect ratio so they will look the same in Normal View, since PowerPoint automatically adjusts the zoom level. Widescreen (13.333 in x 7.5 in.)

Please submit your event information to The subject line of your email should be: "For the newsletter." The student event newsletter will be published bi-weekly. Ads should be submitted no later than Tuesday each week and it will run on the next scheduled publication date. Your ad should be 4.25" x 5.50". Please indicate if this is a signature event for your organization.

Please contact to market your event on NSU Law's social media accounts. Information needed is:

Name of Event



Attach your social media post

Provide hashtags you would like added

Provide the pages you would like to tag in the photo

Contact person with email and phone

NSU campuses parking are $1/hr through PaybyPhone App. 

To request pre-paid parking for your event guests, email with the following information:

Title of Event/Program:
Date(s) frame: (daily or monthly):
Number of vehicles:
NSU Contact person to send link to: 
NSU Department account #:

Website link will be sent with instructions to person who requested for passes.
Requests should be made at least 72 hours ahead of date needed.

Please make sure to follow NSU Parking Policies, you may learn more about them here

Depending if you will have guests pay the $1/hr parking fee or if your organization will pre-pay for the parking fee. Below are instructions that may be sent to your guests. 

VIP guests (speakers, alumni, judges, etc.) may part in lots AC12 and AC13. 

For questions, contact


Students seeking to start a new student organization organized under and funded by the Student Bar Association (SBA) must meet with the dean of students to discuss the approval process. All student organizations must be approved by the faculty.

The dean of students and the president of the SBA must be provided with a New Student Organization Form, proposed bylaws, constitution, the name of the secured faculty adviser, and the name of the organization's board members. 

For more details, please see 'General Information' of the NSU Law Student Organization Handbook

To host an event outside of NSU, follow the below steps - 

  1. Check with faculty adviser/dean of students first
  2. Do you have funds?
  3. Contract no $- at least 10 days prior to event
  4. Contract with deposit - at least 45 days
  5. See the Student Activity Fee Manual for securing contracts

Members of the NSU Law Honor Organizations (MOOT, NTA, Nova Law Review, ILSA) should contact NSU Law Student Coordinator, Paula McKoy to discuss reimbursement. 

SBA and all organizations under SBA, please refer to the Student Activity Fee Accounts Office Manual.  

Please contact NSU Law Dean of Students for detailed instructions.

Student Organization Tabling Policy

Following is a brief overview of the new policy guidelines for tabling in the Shepard Broad College of Law Atrium. Sign up as soon as possible, space is limited. To sign up contact
GUIDELINES · Student Organization must place a request with at least 5 business days in advance to tabling date.
· Table requests received will be assigned on a first come first serve basis.
· Organizations are only allowed to reserve one table a day.
· Only 3 Student Organizations will be allowed to table a day.*
· Student Organization is responsible to crowd control and ensure the passageway is not blocked.
· Student Organization is responsible to return table clean and undamaged at the end of each tabling. Otherwise, damaged furniture charges will applied to student organization account.
· No additional furniture should be moved during tabling, only 2 chairs per table for tabling.
The Student Organization that fails to comply with any of the guidelines provided above will have the tabling privileges removed for the semester.
If you encounter any issues, please contact Building Manager – Jillian Barbosa by calling (954) 262-6287 or emailing
The Shepard Broad College of Law may cancel tabling at any time.
*Number of tables allowed during tabling is subject to change under the Dean of Student Services discretion.
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