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Exam Administration

All students are responsible for being familiar with NSU Shepard Broad College of Law’s exam policies and procedures. The College of Law requires a written final examination in every course for which credit is given, except clinical work and courses requiring extensive written work such as student competitions, Legal Research & Writing I & II, seminars, workshops, and supervised research and writing projects. The final examination may be administered during the examination period or as a take-home examination. Although faculty members decide which type of assessment to require for their class, exam administration is executed by the Office of Student Services. Please check with your professor regarding the assessment measures planned for your course. 


BE PREPARED! Make sure you review all of the Exam Administration sub-pages to help you to know what to expect when taking an exam in Examplify for Windows or Mac. 

Exam Policies & Procedures

Information about rescheduling, exam emergencies, technical issues, accommodations, honor code, exam review scheduling, and more.

Final Exam Schedule

The final exam schedule is subject to change due to institutional requirements.

Exam Software

Information about Examplify exam software, installation, device minimum requirements for taking exams at NSU Law, and how to use the Examplify software. Prepare for your exams by taking a practice mock exam. 

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