Transactional Law Practice Group

This organization is dedicated to provide students with the opportunity to learn and develop practical skills related to the transactional practice of law. 

In order to achieve this purpose, the organization will seek to unite students with faculty, alumni, business leaders and government officials through various activities and events including - participation in transactional competitions, workshops and trainings with mock case studies, and more! 

Some of the benefits of being a member of this organization include the following:

  • Participation will provide you with the unique opportunity to learn real lawyering skills in law school that generally take those within the profession one or two years of practice to acquire.
  • The hands on opportunities and experience offered by the organization will help enable you to hit the ground running when you begin in practice.
  • You will have the opportunity tolearn practical skills related to this field from top local practitioners.
  • When job searching, the skills learned in this program will enhance your resume and will benefit future clients no matter what area of law you choose to practice.

TLPG Constitution

2016-2017 Executive Board

Richard G Leonardis Co-President
Ledell Williams, Jr. Co-President
Brandon Fernandez Vice-President
David Nudel Treasurer
Jessica Maxey Communications Director

Faculty Advisors

Donna Litman Professor of Law

General Members

  • Michael Beharry
  • Jordan Goldman
  • Andrew Marrotte