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The Real Property, Probate, & Trust Law Society

The Real Property, Probate, & Trust Law Society

The Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Society (hereinafter “RPPTLS”) focuses on issues pertaining to property development, sales, transfers, and other such legal matters, which typically arise with respect to real property. In addition, the RPPTLS focuses on the topics of probate and estate planning. The purpose of the RPPTLS is to educate current law students on issues related to real property, probate and trust law and facilitate networking opportunities for those seeking to practice in this field after graduation. We welcome all NSU students who are interested in any aspect of real property, probate or trust law to become members and participate in the exciting events the RPPTLS has to offer.

Membership Information: For membership or other information, please contact Aron Smukler at

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2016-2017 Executive Board

Aron Smukler President
Cristina Hernandez Vice President
Richard Leonardis Co-Treasurer
Ferney Valencia Co-Treasurer
Olivia Chiong Secretary
Arianna Zabala Director of Operations
Michael Beline Director of Social Affairs
Elizabeth Quesada Event Coordinator
Aleah Shuren 2L Representative
William Norvell 3L Representative

Faculty Advisor

Donna Litman Professor of Law
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