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Jewish Law Students Association

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The Jewish Law Students Association (JLSA) at Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law fosters interaction between NSU law students and the Jewish legal community. The main goal of JLSA is to provide law students of all backgrounds the opportunity to network with practicing attorneys, law firms and organizations. JLSA also encourages students to get involved in the community through various programs. Students gain valuable insight into all facets of the legal community, including the diverse practice areas and knowledge of what to expect as an attorney following graduation.

JLSA hosts numerous events throughout the school year as an opportunity to meet other law students and students from other graduate programs at Nova Southeastern University. In the past, JLSA hosted speakers such as the National President of the American Civil Liberties Union, practicing attorneys from reputable law firms and presiding judges in the Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade Counties in an effort to expose the student body to the opportunities available in the legal profession. The social events and programs that JLSA has planned for the upcoming school year feature social events, Shabbat dinners, lunch and learns, and networking functions to allow students to explore their education in the social and professional contexts. JLSA has always brought together the entire law school community in our event planning, including but not limited to banquets, holiday functions and community service projects, and this is a tradition that will undoubtedly continue in the upcoming school year.

The Executive Board of JLSA would like to welcome you to Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law. We look forward to meeting all of you and to assist you in making your experience at Law School an enriching and rewarding experience.

Please feel free to contact Doreen Monk ( or any of the Board members with any questions or concerns.

The new Board is looking forward to an exciting New Year!

Membership fees are $36 for 1Ls for all 3 years; and $18 for all other class designations per year. Please make checks payable to Nova Southeastern University with JLSA in the memo line.


President Doreen Monk
Vice President Paula Savchenko
Treasurer Yale Sanford
Co-Secretary Brittany Ehrenman
Co-Secretary Shirley Sharon
Social Chair Heather Saltz
Doreen Monk Paula Savchenko

Yale Sanford

Brittany Ehrenman Shirley Sharon

Heather Saltz

Shlomo Nizahon Richard Piepes

Alexis Elkin

Lora Plemondon

Jared Siegel

Esty Babani

Michael Pedowitz

David Nudel

Candace Lerman

Jared Hirsch Matthew Weinstein

Steven Avalon

Sydni Katz

David Kugler

Aron Smukler

Eric Katz

Max Pauker

Steven Saul
Jordan Goldman

Brandon Michael

Andrew Marrotte

Jessica Hildebrandt

Shayna Rosenblatt

Michael Beharry

Emma Meyerson

Matthew Boyer

Zack Chikovsky

Elyse Malouf

Daniel Magdule

Samantha Crossett

Calvin Hustin Alan Goldstras David Benaim
Derek Santiago

Umair Kasmiri

Sasha Kaskel

Dan Saltzman

Michael Beiline

Robert Olsen

Ashley Sefchok

Cayla Ross

Nicole Villamar

Alexander Davis

Jacob Silver

David Kugler

Lindsay Adler

Kevin Cooper

Esther Babani

Jacob Zausner

Spencer Babcock

Ashley Gartner

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