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NSU International Arbitration Society

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2020 NSU Law IAS Welcome Video



The NSU International Arbitration Society is organized to provide education, training, internship, mentorship from attorneys in international arbitration and litigation.  Students have limited exposure to International Arbitration and Litigation. In today’s society, international litigation and arbitration is becoming more and more prevalent as companies are becoming globalized and nations are becoming centralized to solve their dispute through arbitrational courts. Students will have the opportunity to sit through international arbitration proceedings (11th judicial circuit court in Miami) and to work on pro bono matters on different international matters.


2021-2022 Executive Board

IAS Executive Board
Oscar Cabanas President
Michele Basile Vice President
Stephan Daily  Treasurer

Lorena Souza Brasil

Linda Harris

Public Relations Officers

Faculty Advisors

IAS Faculty Advisor
Michael Dale Professor of Law
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