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Family Law Society

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The purpose of the Family Law Society (FLS) is to familiarize students in the field of family law through guest speakers, fundraisers and volunteer activities, while providing an avenue for community projects and support.

Family Law is a dynamic field which includes topics such as Juvenile Law, Child Custody, Child Welfare, Divorce Law, Adoption Law, Wills & Estates, Mediation, Collaborative Family Law, and so many more. The FLS provides students who are interested in Family Law the opportunity to network within the community, while learning about the many complexities of this growing area of law.

2018-2019 Executive Board

General Board Members
Ashley Ciccosanti President
Alexander Forjan Vice President
Michelle Del Pino Secretary
Yasmine Shipman Executive Coordinator
Victoria Junkins Treasurer
Amber Massey Director of Programming
Jennifer Rodriguez Director of Legal Affairs

2018-2019 General Board Members

Executive Board

Christopher Gonzalez

Vanessa Alvarez

3L Representatives

Yesnela Rodriguez

Ashley Morin

2L Representatives

Taylor Cowheard

Caitlin Olson

Sonia Wakefield

1L Representatives
Rebecca Hertz Public Relations Chair
Junie Cazeau Community Outreach Coordinator

Faculty Advisor

Faculty Advisor
Timothy Arcaro Program Director for AAMPLE, Director Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Law Clinic, Director Legal Incubator Program & Professor of Law

Active Members

Sarina Alba
Janessa Alfonso
Vanessa Alvarez
Paige Applebaum
Samia Azad
Veronika Balbuzanova
Theodora (Lola) Barbour
Taylor Bast
Amelia Castro
Junie Cazeau
Ashley Ciccosanti
Michelle Del Pino

Julie Farach
Alexander Forjan
Marsha Francis
Christopher Gonzalez
Yelena Guerra
Francella Guido
Rebecca Hertz
Aleeyah Jones
Victoria Junkins
Michelle Kashouty
Natalia Llopis-MartellDeleo
Elizabeth Maier

Stacey Marguez
Amber Nicole Massey
Dania Mateo
Ashley Morin
Victoria Newman
Stephanie Olaya
Jennifer Rodriguez
Yesnela Rodriguez
Claudia Rubio
Natalia Savchyk
Yamine Shipman
Diana Tellez

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