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Prior J.D. Applicants

If you applied to NSU Law in a prior year, you cannot reactivate or carry over that application. A new application is required.

Successful Applicants

If you were successful in being offered admission in a prior year, you should try to replicate that prior application while updating the information that you provide. There are some changes in process and standards from year-to-year, so being offered admission again is not guaranteed. It would be useful for you to provide some insight as to what you chose to do instead of accepting our offer. If you chose to attend a different law school please refer to instructions for transfervisit, or for previously disqualified students, whichever applies.

You must complete the entire application anew, including all attachments. Please do not request that we refer to your prior application in lieu of you providing the information with this application. You are also encouraged to provide new information, including test scores, updated transcripts, letters of recommendation, updated resume or CV, and new personal statement.

Unsuccessful Applicants

We are sorry that your prior attempt at admission did not yield a positive outcome. You should do all that you can to make this application stronger. First, take a look at the Entering Class Profile on this website and see how your LSAT scores and undergraduate record compare. Chances are that one or both are below the mid-range.

You have probably completed your studies by now and can do nothing about your grades (except, perhaps, update your LSAC file with final transcripts). A new LSAT score might help your application, provided you appropriately prepare and raise your score into or above the mid-range of scores for the entering class.

Check all of your written submissions from your prior application. Were they clear? Were they written well? Were they grammatically correct? Did they cover the information requested? Make sure that all of your written submissions, from your personal statement to your explanations, are polished and on point.

Check your prior application to make sure that you answered every question and that you entered each question thoroughly. Too many applicants omit information or give vague answers because they have misinterpreted how we will use that information or they’re unwilling to do the research to make sure that they’re providing proper information or detail. Neither instills much confidence.

Take advantage of your new application to expand the circle of those writing in support of your candidacy and have new letters of recommendation submitted on your behalf. Be sure to schedule an appointment with your writer, keep the appointment and have a discussion about what your plans are, explain why you want to go to law school and where you wish to go to law school, discuss why you are asking the writer to write on your behalf, give examples, make it OK for the writer to pass on the opportunity, and most important, give the writer plenty of time to get it done. If you do all of this, you will get the letter that you want and deserve.

Give yourself time to do all that you need to do with polish. Don’t rush, you’ll make mistakes. Don’t wait until deadlines, you’ll make mistakes and short-change yourself. It’s your job to make us say “yes,” so don’t give us reasons to say no.

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