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Getting Ready to Start

Transcript Requirement

 Final, official transcripts for all post-secondary institutions you have attended are required to be on file before the start of the academic year. 

  • You must have all transcripts submitted to LSAC for inclusion in your Credential Assembly Service report. 
  • All transcripts must be complete, including updated transcripts reflecting grades for coursework completed since you submitted your application or prior transcripts to the Service.
  • Transcripts from each institution from which you earned a degree must indicate the awarding of that degree.
  • If your degree is being conferred upon completion of summer coursework, please contact the Office of Admissions well in advance for special instructions on completing this requirement.

Deadline for Receipt of ALL Transcripts:  JULY 15, 2019

Summer Preparation

You may want to get a head start on your law studies this summer.  While understandable, it will be difficult for you to engage yourself in actual course material.  Your summer is probably better focusing on the following:

  • Organize Your Life. Make sure your living situation is settled.  Get your budget and finances in order.  Enlist the aid of your support network.  Develop a routine.  Simply everything that can be made simple.
  • Enjoy Life. Spend time doing the things you love with the people you love.  You’ll have precious little time for either once law school begins, so overdose on it ahead of time.
  • Get Physically Prepared. Attend to your medical appointments.  Establish an exercise routine.  Get plenty of rest.  Life will become extremely busy and law school will quickly consume you.  Making sure you’re in good health and having an outlet for stress to give some time away from your studies will make a huge difference.
  • Gather the Information you will need for registering with and applying to the Bar.  (See below.)  You’ll be grateful that you did it before classes begin.

Maybe you can’t help yourself and you won’t rest unless you do something related to law school.  Our offer of admission means that you have our confidence in your ability to do well in law study and you need no extra preparation.  If you are someone who must do a prep course before your next step, you are certainly welcome to do so.  The Admissions Committee does not believe that any entering student needs to.  If you are considering a prep course, Law Preview offers NSU Law students a $100 discount.  Further, NSU Law students are among a select few in the country eligible to receive a scholarship to attend that program. 

An alternative to a prep program would be to engage in selected reading through the summer.  We have assembled a list of books, including novels that will engage you in legal issues or provide advice on success in law school and the legal profession.  Read a few at your leisure this summer.

Join the Facebook group for the entering class and begin meeting your future classmates and colleagues.  You can use the group to:

  • Make new friends and reconnect with friends you didn’t know would be starting law school with you
  • Share ideas and information and ask questions (Dean Perez checks frequently to make sure your needs are being met)
  • Organize activities and social events
  • Find roommates, meet classmates who are realtors, get leads on good and affordable housing options.

When section placements are released in late July, you’ll likely form subgroups for each section to share information and create section pride.

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