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Credit Transfer Policy

An applicant may request credits towards their program for academic work in another graduate program subject to the following:

  • The course or courses for which the credit is requested must, in the opinion of the program director with the Assistant Dean, substantially overlap the subject matter of their program degree.
  • The Student must have earned at least a grade of “B” or its numerical equivalent in the course or courses for which transfer credit is requested.
  • No more than three (3) such transfer credits are permitted.
  • The credits must have been earned within five years of the date of the students’ matriculation in the program.
  • The credits must have been awarded at a regionally accredited school.
  • The credits must not have been taken in a degree program for which a degree was earned.
  • The student must supply the program with a syllabus or course description.

At this time we do not accept credit for professional certificate, advance placement, or experiential learning.

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