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Online Master of Science in Health Law

Earn a Master of Science Degree in Health Law

Nova Southeastern University's Shepard Broad College of Law has developed online curriculum that can help you take full advantage of the opportunities presented by a career in Health Law. Our program allows you the freedom and flexibility to maintain your work and home responsibilities, study on your own schedule, and achieve knowledge that, depending on your job, could be put into practice right away.

Online Health Law Program Highlights

  • Identifying and researching complex legal issues that intersect law and the health care industry
  • Generating a thesis and writing a scholarly article suitable for publication
  • Verbally communicating complex medical law issues using the proper legal terms, including legal citations, to counsel
  • Identifying applicable statutory law, case law, and administrative codes and incorporating those concepts into your healthcare law research and writings

Mission Statement

The Master of Science in Health Law program provides health care professionals an understanding of how the field of health care intersects with the law. This program will supply these professionals with the legal knowledge needed to communicate effectively on a variety of issues related to health law. Graduates will be able to understand how to research legal issues and apply knowledge to their chosen professions.

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