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Workshops and Simulations

Welcome to the NSU Shepard Broad College of Law's Workshops Program. This upper level program is taught by NSU Law Faculty as well as some of the most outstanding practitioners in the South Florida legal community. The goal of the Workshops Program is to provide students with simulated experiences in litigation, transactional, or regulatory practice environments.

The various workshops, clinics, and courses accommodate students who are interested in developing their skills in litigation and/or transactional settings. These skills are necessary for students who wish to become successful, practicing attorneys, whether they work in a large firm, small firm, solo practice, public interest law firm, or as corporate counsel. The flexibility of the workshops benefits students who must complete prerequisites for clinics and other advanced level course offerings.

Litigation-focused courses allow students to represent a mock client from the initial client interview and filing of the complaint, through discovery, motion calendar, a bench trial, and all phases of an appeal. Transactional-based courses help students develop skills in complex counseling, multi-party negotiation, conciliation, and document drafting.

Check prerequisites for every course prior to enrollment, including the introductory information under Course Descriptions.

Available Courses

Workshops and Simulation courses
Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Law Clinic - Full-Time (0022)
Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Law Clinic - Part-Time (0023)
Advanced Trial Advocacy (0893)
Appellate Practice Workshop (0874)
Bankruptcy Workshop (0601)
Business Planning Workshop (0807)
Charitable Organizations Workshop (1051)
Children and Families Clinic - Full-Time (0929)
Children and Families Clinic - Part-Time (0926)
Civil Field Placement Clinic - Full-Time (0829)
Civil Field Placement Clinic - Part-Time (0828)
Civil Pre-Trial Practice (0517)
Consumer Bankruptcy Field Placement Clinic (1850)
Criminal Justice Field Placement Clinic (0853)
Criminal Pre-Trial Practice (0711)
Dependency Workshop (2001)
Dispute Resolution Clinic (0849)
Drafting and Negotiating Intellectual Property Licenses (0600)
Electronic Discovery, Digital Evidence and Information Governance Workshop (0200)
Estate Planning Workshop (0725)
Family Law Litigation Workshop (0686)
Florida Land Development Workshop (1016)
Health Law Workshop (1044)
Interviewing and Counseling (1062)
Interviewing, Counseling, and Negotiating (0665)
Landlord Tenant Workshop (1070)
Law Office Management Workshop (0651)
Law Practice Business and Technology (0092)
Lawyers as Advocates: Rhetoric, Modes of Persuasion & Public Policy Campaigns (1000)
Legal Drafting Workshop (0752)
Mediation Workshop (0522)
Negotiating Wksp Online (4672)
Negotiating Workshop (0672)
Post-Conviction Relief Workshop (1001)
Probate Law Workshop (0713)
Real Property Closing Workshop (0751)
Real Property Complex Transactions Workshop (1151)
SEC Enforcement Workshop (0511)
Sentencing Workshop (1076)
Trial Advocacy (0890)
Wills Drafting Workshop (0524)
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