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Student Wellness at Nova Law

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Student Wellness at Nova Law (SWAN) is a student organization that is dedicated to raising awareness of mental health and wellness in the legal profession by providing a medium of encouragement for law students through various events, networking, and learning with and from legal professionals. The ultimate goal is to ensure law students have the hard and soft skills needed for future success in their career while focusing on education, health and service. 

SWAN provides invaluable support not just to those who are members of the organization but to the other respective organizations as a whole. It  serves as an aid to provide other organizations tools to raise awareness and support their own members’ mental health and well being along with providing a place to go for those who wish to learn more and or become more involved. The legal field has seen a recent shift and an increase in focus on the importance of mental health and well being and SWAN will serve as a core organization focusing on this important aspect at NSU Law.

  2022 - 2023 Executive Board

Executive Board


Vice President
Events Coordinator
Marketing Coordinator
Public Interest Representative
Resource and Referral Liason

Faculty Advisor

Faculty Advisor
Amanda Foster Professor of Law
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