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Health care is so important to all of us. From bioethics and advance directives to health care policy and fraud and abuse legislation, an integral part of improving health care is ensuring that the laws governing the health care system are fair, understandable, and enforced. PULSE!, the Health Law Students' Society, is intended to educate law students, attorneys, members of the health care community and members of the general public about health law issues. As its faculty advisor, I hope, and I believe its members hope, that it can help build bridges and improve communication among those groups even as it educates them about health law issues. - Kathy Cerminara, Faculty Advisor

PULSE! is dedicated to:

  • Continuing the education of members of the legal profession in the health care industry
  • Increasing the awareness of the Law Center's students about health related issues affecting them
  • Educating the general public on health law related issues
  • Facilitating cooperation and interaction among health care lawyers, medical professionals, law students, and medical students.

PULSE!'s objective is to provide a forum for the latest health law topics such as:

Health Lawyers

  • Current Topics in the Industry
  • Corporate and Litigation Lawyers

Health Plans

  • How to use your health plan
  • Pros and Cons of different health plans
  • Administration of plan benefits
  • How to obtain health plan coverage

Public Health

  • Legal Rights of AIDS/HIV patients and Testing

Patient Rights

  • HMOs
  • Legal issues faced by physicians
  • Ethical Issues in health law and medicine

Genetic Issues

  • Farming
  • Cloning

Mixers with the Health Professions Division

  • Health Law Concentration
  • Mentors
  • Roundtable Discussions

Concentration in Health Law

The Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law offers a concentration in Health Law, permitting students to obtain recognition for their concentration in health-law-related studies. Completion of the requirements for this concentration will lead to a notation on the qualified student’s transcript and a certificate indicating the student’s focus, interest, and specialized training in this area.

To earn a concentration in Health Law, each student must complete the course, credit, writing, and service requirements described here. These requirements may not be waived.


2022-2023 Executive Board


Caitlin Koppenhaver President 

Lisa Hart

Ryleigh Walaconis

Co-Vice Presidents
Melissa Disanti Treasurer
Carline Vidal Secretary
Kaylee Hottman Campus Public Relations Coordinator
Kevin Cosio Fundraising Coordinator


General Board


Anna Koontz 3L Representative

Briana Sudakov

Regina Shinder

Co-2L Representatives


Faculty Advisors


Marilyn Uzdavines Associate Professor of Law
Kathy Cerminara Professor of Law
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