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Moot Court Society

Moot Court Society

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2020 NSU Law Moot Court Welcome Video


Moot Court


Since its inception, the Moot Court Society has been one of the most prestigious and active societies of the Shepard Broad College of Law. Membership in the Society provides students with an opportunity to supplement their “book learning” with practical experience in appellate-level oral advocacy.

By participating in various tournaments, members of the Society apply their problem solving skills by writing an appellate brief on a specific problem and then arguing their case before a panel of judges. These skills are invaluable to anyone contemplating a career in litigation. The practical experience gained through Moot Court is also invaluable to student’s employment prospects since many employers seek out students who are members of the Society.

The first opportunity to become involved in the Moot Court Society occurs during the second semester of a student’s first year of law school. Students that elect to participate will compete in the annual Feinrider First Year Competition. Students who are successful in this competition will become Candidates for Moot Court Membership. Additional opportunities to become a member will occur in the Fall semester each year and are open to second, third and fourth year students.  Students that elect to participate will compete in the Upperclassman Intramural Competition.  Students who are successful in this competition will be invited to become a member of the Moot Court Society.

Once a student becomes a member of the Society, they will have a chance to compete for a position on one of the Society’s traveling teams. The Society proudly sends teams each year to various competitions across the country.

Throughout the year, the Moot Court Society will invite you to attend our functions. We encourage you to watch our excellent advocates develop and refine their advocacy skills. Please email any of our Executive Board Officers if you have any questions.


2023 - 2024 Executive Board


Maria Rojas Chief Justice
Diego Elias Executive Justice of Competitions
Makayla Jacmacjian Executive Justice of Teams
Sara Marino Executive Justice of Academics
Pedro Velazquez Executive Justice of Administration


 Faculty Advisor


Heather Baxter Professor of Law
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