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Hispanic Student Bar Association

The Hispanic Student Bar Association, "HSBA," is a legal society at Nova Southeastern University, Shepard Broad College of Law, founded in 1980 to bring together students of both Hispanic and American heritage, as well as to promote and advance Hispanic awareness within the community. HSBA works with other organizations on campus to sponsor speakers on subjects of common interest to the student body. In addition, HSBA organizes and holds a variety of community service events and networking events in order to introduce students to judges and attorneys in the legal community.

HSBA Bylaws

Why join?

  • HSBA is an organization for both Hispanic and non-Hispanic students, day students and night students.
  • Class outlines and materials available to HSBA members are also available for all students who join.
  • Guest speaker events, social gatherings, food sales, fundraising events, volunteer and pro-bono opportunities.
  • Networking events with law firms and other law schools.
  • Signature events involving lunch at the Broward County Courthouse with judges and attorneys.
  • Close relationships with several Florida Bar associations. And lots more…

2016-2017 Executive Board

Erica Kristine Ramos President
Suzane Kalvtovskky Vice President
Nicole Villamar Co-President Elect 
Yeslly Herrera Co-President Elect
Estefania Negrette Director of Finance
Gerard Duarte Director of Legal and Community Affairs
Bea Serrano Director of Events
Michael Anon Director of 3L Involvement
Julia Y. Rodriguez Escalante Director of Student Involvement

Faculty Advisors

Catherine Arcabascio Associate Dean, International Programs & Professor of Law
Roma Perez Professor of Law
Shahabudeen Khan Associate Professor of Law
Elena Marty-Nelson Associate Dean for Diversity, Inclusion, and Public Impact & Professor of Law

General Members

  • Keith Alexander
  • Vanessa Alvarez
  • Vivian Arenas
  • Thais Arsolino
  • Stephen Ayeni
  • Jennifer Bautista
  • Jake Blumstein
  • Michael Bohorquez
  • Arlene Campos
  • Paula Castaneda
  • Arantex Diaz-Caballero
  • Gerard Duarte
  • Francesco Ferro
  • Alvaro Flores
  • Daylene Foch
  • Victoria Galan
  • Jonathan Gomar
  • Elba Jimenez
  • Susan Kufdakis
  • Natalie Lopez
  • Lizza Maldonado
  • Ingrid Mora
  • Stephanie Morgan 
  • Mariana Muci Torres
  • Guianeye Osorio
  • Milor Perdomo
  • Erik Perez
  • Omar Perez
  • Juan Pernett
  • Elizabeth Quesada
  • Eric Rodriguez
  • Jennifer Rodriguez
  • Francisco Rolon
  • Maria Romero
  • Yulia Salim
  • Aaron Smukler
  • Vanessa Terrades
  • Stephanie Viel
  • Gabriela Villamizar
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