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Blue banner with text introducing The 2018 International Faculty Training Conference

July 24-27, 2018

NSU Shepard Broad College of Law
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

This year’s International Faculty Training Workshop focused on what we, as educators, can do to understand our audience and to effectively educate this generation of students and the one that follows. Law educators from around the world worked together to expand their knowledge of teaching law students, as well as to share their experiences.

Topics Included:

  • Assessment
  • Engagement
  • Technology
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Global Perspectives
  • Experiential Learning and Teaching
Program Speaker and Topic Information

Presentation Videos - See below.
For questions please email:


Aaron Blumberg - U.S. Immigration Regulations: Teaching, Studying or Conducting Research in the U.S.

Susan Stephan - Community in the Classroom: Embracing Engagement through Technology in Legal Education for “Generation Z” Students

Eileen A. Scallen - Teamwork & Small Groups Assessment

Jon Garon - Teaching Entrepreneurship to the Next Generation

Brittany L. Deitch - Using Case Studies in Law Teaching

Debra Moss Vollweiler - Curriculum Building & Measuring Learning Outcomes

Dr. Albert Ruda-Gonzalez - Risky Tweets: Teaching Activity in which Students Participate using the Microblogging Platform Twitter

Rebecca Spitzmiller - Common-Law Legal Education Methodologies Packaged for Civil-Law Jurisdictions

Angie Su, Steven Terrell, Judith Coughlin, Sandra Trotman - STEM Projects with Higher Education Institutions both in the U.S. and Asia and How to Motivate Next Generation Students

Michele Struffolino - Advising Post-Millennials

Timothy Arcaro - Engaging Post-Millennials Through Clinical Programs

James Zloch & Michael Dale 1 - Engaging post-millennial with hands-on, application-based case studies

James Zloch & Michael Dale 2 - Group Exercise: Teaching trial skills using NITA critique model

James Zloch & Michael Dale 3 - Group Exercise: Teaching oral argument using NITA critique model

James Zloch & Michael Dale 4 - Connecting the eLearning environment to the performance context of post-millennial to convince them of its relevance by using video review and drills in the classroom

James Zloch & Michael Dale 5 - Group Exercise: Applying video reviews and drills in a classroom setting

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