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Law Students Eligible For Vax Max Prizes


Dear NSU Law Students:

I hope you are enjoying what remains of the summer and are looking forward to returning to in-person classes in just a few weeks. As President Hanbury has previously informed you, for the Fall 2021 semester we will return to campus and will all be required to wear masks – unless more than 70 to 80% of on-campus students voluntarily report they have been vaccinated.

We have not yet reached this goal. No one wants to wear a mask and we can avoid having to do so if you voluntarily report your vaccination status at the NSU Vax Max website here. Reporting your vaccination status will also ensure that we are able to hold more events in-person on campus this fall.

To encourage you to report your vaccination status, the College of Law is offering prizes to those law students who voluntarily report their vaccination status to the University by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, August 1, 2021. If you have already voluntarily disclosed your status, you will also be eligible for these prizes. The prizes are:

            1) Exclusive use of a study room in the Law Library for the Fall 2021 semester. (2 study rooms will be awarded.)

            2) Barnes & Noble gift card for $500 to cover textbook expenses. (2 gift cards will be awarded.)                                   

            3) Apple watch. (2 watches will be awarded.)

All law students who report their vaccination status to the University will be eligible for these prizes, whether you report that you have been vaccinated or that you have not been vaccinated. The prize winners will be randomly selected from the pool of law students who have registered on the Vax Max website by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, August 1, 2021. The rules governing the conduct and operation of the drawing appear at the end of this message.

If you are not yet vaccinated, I encourage you to get your vaccine and then voluntarily disclose your status. The unvaccinated are 98.9% of those hospitalized for COVID, and 99.5% of those who die from COVID. You can find a vaccination site in Florida here, and vaccination sites in other U.S. states here. 

Some law students have told me they have not voluntarily disclosed their vaccination status because they would prefer to be able to continue to take classes online. Not registering on the Vax Max website will not allow us to offer online classes. The only effect that will have is to ensure that you will have to attend in-person classes, and wear a mask while doing so.

Please take a moment now and click on this link to voluntarily disclose your vaccination status on the Vax Max website. 

I look forward to seeing you on campus soon!




Dean Juárez


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