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Do you wish to be a class captain or co-class captain?

As a class captain, you will be part of the class reunion captains’ committee. Being a committee member is a great way to reconnect with your classmates and friends. There will be no meetings, just an effort to connect with as many of your classmates as possible. The key objectives as a member of this committee is to help us contact classmates, invite them to the reunion, and act as a reunion ambassador to make everyone feel welcome. 

At Shepard Broad College of Law, our alumni play an essential role in mentoring, training, educating, and employing our students. Events such as the All Class Reunion help our students and our graduates. Thank you for considering being a part of this.

Please confirm your commitment to the reunion captains’ committee by contacting Alumni Relations, by email or phone at, 954-262-6261.

Current Class Captains - more arriving every week.

1977 Robert Shapiro

1979 Beverly Vesel

1981 Robert Kelley

1984 Ricky Gordon

1985 Steven Farbman 

1988 Robert Flayman

1990 David Silverstone & Terri Meyers

1994 Richard Sachs

1999 Carina Leeson, Daniel Weinger, Raul Cabrera

2000 Jami Haggerty

2003 Jackie Powell

2006 Natalie Giachos

2011 Marc Marra & Bruno Renda

2013 Michelle Suarez 

2014 Joseph Morgese

2015 Tim Odroniec & Kristen Reynoso

2016 Kerry Valdez

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