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LL.M. Program Overview

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The NSU Law Master of Laws (LL.M.) program offers you a flexible and global curriculum that prepares you for leadership roles and professional value to your career.

The degree of Master of Laws (LL.M.) program is designed for U.S. and foreign attorneys to enhance the knowledge and skills needed in today’s rapidly changing legal environment. The program is designed to be highly flexible, so lawyers can participate online or on campus at convenient times to build the scope of their legal practice and enhance their success without putting their careers on hold.

The LL.M. can be completed in one-year full-time or two-year part-time through online or on campus options. To complete the LL.M. degree, students must successfully complete 30 academic units. Only one advanced legal writing course* is required, and electives will comprise the remaining credits. Students can select their own course of study or choose one of NSU's areas of focus:

*Advanced legal writing offerings include Professional Communications, IP Licensing and Drafting, and Appellate Drafting.

Online LL.M.
The online LL.M. program of study is available for the IP, Cybersecurity, and Technology Law focus. This course of study allows legal professionals to take evening courses entirely online. The ability to hone vital legal skills from any location with internet access permits professional students to attend classes after business hours without spending time and resources commuting to and from campus.

Hybrid or On Campus LL.M.
LL.M. students may elect to take courses both on campus and online, creating the ideal hybrid format for each student. Many J.D. courses are open to LL.M. students, providing a rich array of electives to choose from. LL.M. students can choose to take some or all of their courses on campus.

U.S. Practice Track for Foreign Lawyers
The entirely on campus LL.M. program is open to foreign lawyers who seek to pursue the LL.M. with the option to complete the accelerated J.D. Students in this track must earn admission into both the accelerated J.D. program and the LL.M. program prior to matriculation. Students must select this track at the time of fall registration. This track is offered only on campus and only with a fall start. All classes are taken with J.D. students, although the learning outcomes for the LL.M. program are different from the J.D. students' learning outcomes. An LL.M. does not qualify foreign-trained candidates to practice law.

The program learning objectives are as follows:
  • Graduates of the LL.M. degree program will be able to formulate accurate analysis when applying statutes, case law, legal concepts and legal principles.
  • Graduates of the LL.M. degree program will be able to demonstrate self-directed learning practices for life-long learning.
  • Graduates of the LL.M. degree program will be able to construct client-centric solutions to legal issues.
  • Graduates of the LL.M. degree program will be able to analyze legal concepts in written and oral form.
  • Graduates of the LL.M. degree program will be able to prepare legal documents and case files consistent with entry-level lawyering tasks.
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