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Shepard Broad College of Law building outdoor view

Eva Andres Aucejo

Eva Andres Aucejo
Visiting Professor


  • Licenciatura en Derecho, University of Valencia
  • Licenciatura of Economics and Business Administration, University of Valencia
  • Doctor of Law, University of Valencia

Professor Andres Aucejo is accredited by the Ministry of Spain and by Catalunya as a Catedratica, putting her at the highest level of the legal academy in Spain.  Currently, she teaches Finance Law and Tax.  She has conducted advanced research at Harvard University in Cambridge Massachusetts, Universita degli Studi, in Bologna and Florence, Universita di Roma, Sapienza, Universidad Catolica in Peru and the London School of Economics.

Professor Andres Aucejo also has worked on more than two dozen grant projects and has written enumerable articles that have appeared in publications in Spain and around the world.  

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