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Tips and Advice for Completing the J.D. Application

The admissions committee conducts a comprehensive review of the entire application when making admission decisions. Applicants tell us that they want us to look beyond just numbers and take the time to understand who they are and what interests and motivates them. NSU Law couldn't agree more!

The application process is also one that requires self-assessment, candor, and honesty and some are not entirely comfortable with that. No matter what you've been taught, this is the time to blow your own horn and put your best face forward. Some of the application questions ask you to address negative points or discuss something from your past about which you might be embarrassed or unhappy. Some questions may make you suspicious of our motivation in asking them. All of these questions are there for good reason - to assist the admissions committee in finding reasons and routes to admission. It is to your advantage to answer all questions and to answer them thoroughly and openly.

Assistant Dean for Admissions William D. Perez takes you through the NSU Law application section-by-section and explains how the information is used by the admissions committee in making a decision. Dean Perez presents this in a forthright manner but in plain English and with a bit of humor. We hope you will find this helpful in crafting a winning application for admission to our law school.

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