JD Health Law Concentration

The NSU Shepard Broad College of Law offers a concentration in Health Law, permitting students to obtain recognition for their concentration in health-law-related studies. Completion of the requirements for this concentration will lead to a notation on the qualified student's transcript and a certificate suitable for framing indicating the student's focus, interest and specialized training in this area.

To earn a concentration in Health Law, each student must complete the course, credit, writing and service requirements described below. These requirements may not be waived. 


All students must: (1) complete at least 16 credit hours in approved courses, as listed below, and (2) receive at least a grade of "C" or a "pass" (for courses graded P/F or P/D/F) for each credit that counts toward the concentration. 
All students must successfully complete each of the following courses:

In addition, all students must successfully complete at least four courses from the following list of courses. Credit hours must total at least 16, counting the two required courses and whatever other courses the student chooses to take from this list.*

* Completion of one of the clinics listed below can count for up to three classroom credit hours. Students successfully completing one of those clinics, however, also must successfully complete at least three additional courses from this list to satisfy the concentration requirements. Only one clinic experience may count toward concentration requirements.


All students must complete at least two of their concentration credits in a writing-based course or activity focused on a Health Law topic. Credits earned for this writing component will be counted toward the requirements for earning the concentration. Each of the writing-based courses counting toward the concentration must be completed under the direction of a health law faculty member, but need not be graded by a health law faculty member. Such direction shall include, at a minimum, prior and final approval of the subject matter. Writing-based courses or activities include:


In addition to the requirements described above, all students seeking a concentration in Health Law must complete a 20-hour service requirement. This service requirement may be fulfilled in a variety of ways including, but not limited to, active participation in the activities of PULSE! -- the Health Law Students Society, pro bono legal work, or volunteer work for the health law or elder law sections of the Florida Bar.


The Health Law Completion Form must be turned into the Faculty Coordinator of the concentration by October 15th to be noted in any program for December graduation and by March 15th for May graduation. A completed Completion Form must be turned in by the last day of finals in the student's last semester in order for a notation to be noted on the student's transcript. The Faculty Coordinator of the Concentration may change from year to year, so check with Student Affairs to determine the Faculty Coordinator for a given year.