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Florida Bar Auxiliary Program

FBAP is a supplemental program designed to support, monitor, and guide students during their Florida Bar exam preparation period. The program is not an alternative program to BarBri and Kaplan, or other bar review courses. Rather, it supplements those bar preparatory programs by providing individual attention to help students study effectively for the bar exam. There is no fee or cost for this program - it's absolutely free to NSU Law students.

Each interested student is assigned to a Critical Skills Instructor or an adjunct Instructor who acts as a coach and meets individually with the student approximately 2-3 times per week. The coaches also: (1) adjust the standard detailed bar study plans and schedules that are prepared by the FBAP administrators based on each student's progress; 2) direct, assign, and advise the student how to practice multiple choice and essay questions in their BarBri and Kaplan books; 3) maintain weekly tracking charts for each student to monitor progress; 4) are available by phone or email during evening and weekend hours to provide feedback, direction, and emotional support to the students; and 5) assign essays weekly and give students feedback that is obtained from the graders. The essays are graded by someone who has been trained to grade essays for the Florida bar.

The coaches do not provide substantive assistance but instead focus on keeping students on track, making them accountable for the work, and encouraging students during difficult periods.