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Ellis Washington

Ellis Washington
Adjunct Professor of Law
MSL Program


  • J.D., John Marshall Law School, 1994

Adjunct Professor Washington is a former Staff Editor of the Michigan Law Review (1989), and Law Clerk at the Sixty-Plus Elder Law Clinic (1991), The Rutherford Institute (1992). He has taught law since 2000 including positions as Assistant Professor of Political Science at Savannah State University (a HBCU—Historical Black College/University) and an adjunct professor of law at the National Paralegal College and graduate law school classes at the National Jurisprudence University, where he has taught – Constitutional Law, Legal Ethics, American History, Administrative Law, Criminal Procedure, Contracts, Real Property, Advanced Legal Writing, and Aesthetics, among many other subjects.

A prolific writer, historian, and legal scholar Adjunct Professor Washington is the author of many op-eds, ten books, and over two dozen law review articles published all over the world. Washington’s latest opus is a part of a multi-volume collection essays, articles, monographs, manuscripts, and Socratic dialectical essays titled – The Progressive Revolution… Vol. 5 (Hamilton Books, 2016) – These volumes are an essential repository of writings based on America’s original political philosophy (Natural Law, Natural Rights) and original jurisprudence of the Supreme Court (Originalism, Textualism) and cover subjects on Law, Jurisprudence, Legal Scholarship, History, Literature, Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Aesthetics, Medicine, Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Economics, and on many other subjects. Several of his works have been accepted into the Chamber’s Library of the Supreme Court of the United States.

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