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Italian American Law Students Association

Italian American Law Students Association

The Italian American Law Students Association exists to promote awareness, celebration and appreciation of the historical, cultural, and legal legacy of all peoples of Italian descent and heritage. As students at Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law, we have the opportunity to share and educate our fellow students in the accomplishments of Italian American lawyers and the Italian American Bar Associations. We have the further opportunity to interact with successful lawyers and judges of Italian descent in our community. The potential for a fine organization exists if we can dedicate ourselves to the attainment of a cooperative association. The background and dimension that each student-member can bring to this association shall through its common bond of family, education, and ethical principles allow us to prosper and engage in a curriculum of honoring our rich cultural heritage. I have included some information that I thought helpful toward exploring this new Italian association and identifying our direction. It will be an interesting journey; just as law school is, it too can be a learning experience...with a little fun as well. Thanks for being willing to take this first step and I hope we can make it a worthwhile and rewarding step forward into our legal careers.


Daniel J. Stallone founder

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