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Beyond the Game

NSU's Shepard Broad College of Law has teamed up with the Miami Dolphins to help educate high school students about new and emerging legal issues facing teens and young adults. A current or former Miami Dolphins player will speak to high school students about how to avoid off-the-field legal situations that effect high school students specifically. This unique program is the first of its kind in the United States. The goals of the program are to help educate high school students about legal issues that could adversely affect their lives, help promote community awareness and service by law students, encourage students to take pro bono legal projects, and be able to understand the law by applying it in a real world application.

Beyond the Game is a great way to see the law's effect in a real world application, outside of the confines of a casebook. The program incorporates valuable, real world experience to high school students and law students alike. Teens and young adults will be able interact with a current or former Miami Dolphins player about potential of off-the-field legal issues that could adversely affect the lives of high school students, and how to successfully avoid such situations. In addition, NSU Law Students will provide specific examples of legal situations effecting teens and young adults including Facebook, Twitter, text messages, the internet and other electronic issues, violence, accomplice liability, and Constitutional rights.

If you are outgoing, enjoy giving back to the community, enjoy sports or have an interest in sports or criminal law, this could be the law school society you have been waiting for.

Beyond the Game lasts between 30-45 minutes at each school, and is an interactive skit where we act out and explain different scenarios to high school students. It can specifically address issues related to each individual school high school.

In addition, Beyond the Game is a fun way to get involved in the law center! We have such events as attending a Miami Dolphins game, attending local high school football games, having Miami Dolphins game watch parties, attending the NFL Draft party with the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium, among others.

Please see the links on the left of this page for information on joining Beyond the Game.

If you need more information, please email Joe Fahrendorf, President, at Thank you.

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