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Alternative Admission

Alternative Admission Model Program for Legal Education, AAMPLE®

The traditional measures used in the admission process to predict the likelihood for success in law study are not always accurate. Determined individuals who demonstrate promise might be barred from outright admission to the J.D. program based on these traditional criteria of LSAT and GPA. AAMPLE® provides an alternative route to admission based upon achievement in a rigorous summer program.

The Program 
AAMPLE has start dates in May and June. The program is offered in two formats, on-campus and online. The on-campus format has classes that meet during the day for two hours each day. Online students have mandatory chat sessions for each class. Students invited to participate in AAMPLE may choose either option. For each format and each start date, AAMPLE runs for five-weeks, with orientation occurring the week before classes begin. Students take two non-credit courses, Introduction to the Fourth Amendment and Negotiable Instruments. Final examinations for each course occur on the NSU campus in Fort Lauderdale regardless of the format or session chosen. Exams occur the week after classes end. The ABA does not permit awarding of credit for courses taken in pre-admission programs, thus no credits towards the J.D. are earned.

Program Success
AAMPLE students achieving a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher, with no grade lower than C, are admitted to the NSU first-year J.D. program for the fall (August) semester. There is no quota or limit of the number of students we will admit from AAMPLE; all students achieving the required GPA are admitted. Admission is offered to the division to which application was made; either full-time or part-time. Success rates have varied each year:

YEAR 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017

On Campus












Individual success in AAMPLE depends upon numerous factors. Successful students report they spend between 60 and 80 hours per week reading, studying, and preparing for classes. We advise that AAMPLE participants not work full time during the program; those who do not work or who only work minimal hours demonstrate a greater likelihood of success. An extraordinary high level of commitment and focus is required for success in AAMPLE.

Students invited to AAMPLE and choosing to participate, pay tuition of $1,650 for the program. Because AAMPLE is a pre-admission program, and not a degree program, participants do not qualify for federal financial aid. Successful participants who are admitted to the J.D. program receive financial aid for the J.D. program beginning in fall semester if they meet eligibility requirements. AAMPLE participants are encouraged to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon after January 1 as possible so that aid can be awarded quickly if offered admission to the J.D.program.

Invitation to Participate 
As an applicant for admission, you cannot make a direct application to AAMPLE. Rather, the admissions committee determines if an invitation will be made based upon their thorough and thoughtful review of the application for J.D. admission. If the committee does not approve direct admission, they consider whether the other factors in your application demonstrate appropriate promise of success in AAMPLE to gain admission for the fall entering class. For this reason, you are strongly encouraged to answer each application question candidly and to provide the admissions committee with sufficient information, through transcripts, personal statement, resume, and letters of recommendation, on which to base their admission decision. The admission process is competitive and neither admission nor an invitation to AAMPLE is guaranteed.

Technical Requirements for Online Format
A laptop is required for AAMPLE students electing the online format. Training in Windows and Microsoft Office, completed prior to beginning the program, is beneficial. Students must complete a computer literacy form before AAMPLE classes begin. Students must be able to access the Internet, send emails with attachments, know the difference between uploads and downloads, and understand how to view synchronous and asynchronous communication. NSU provides technical support for AAMPLE students.

Final Exams
All AAMPLE® students take their final exams on the NSU campus whether they completed the classes in the on-campus or online format. Exams are scheduled during the day on two weekdays. Exams are administered online in a proctored room on the NSU campus in Fort Lauderdale. Exams may be reviewed online for 120 days after final exams are administered and all records of final exams are maintained for two calendar years. Exams are graded by full time NSU Law professors. Copies of final exams with comments are not made available to students. AAMPLE exams use an anonymous number, rather than your name, to ensure that grading is fair and accurate. All grades are final and there is no appeal process.

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