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J.D. & M.S. Real Estate Development

Program Leading to Dual Degrees of Juris Doctor and
Masters of Science in Real Estate Development

Nova Southeastern University offers a joint Program that leads to the award of the dual degrees of the Juris Doctor degree (JD) from the Shepard Broad College of Law (COL) and the M.S. degree in Real Estate Development (MSRED) from the H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship (HCBE).

Program Purpose

The program in law and real estate development is designed to train qualified students for careers in law, real estate development, and related fields. Training in both disciplines will enhance the graduate's performance as a professional. In addition, participation in the dual degree program would allow students to complete both degree programs for a total of 112 credits, with highly motivated students being able to complete both degrees within a three to three and one-half-year period. In contrast, students completing both degrees separately would be required to complete 130 credits (90 for JD and 40 for MSRED) during a four to five-year period of time.

Program Structure

  1. Students in the dual degree program must complete the separate admissions process for each college to be admitted to each program. A student may be admitted to the dual degree program after first matriculating in the JD program or the MSRED program. Admission in one program does not guarantee admission to the other program. 
  2. While a student is enrolled in the first-year program at the College of Law, the student is not permitted to enroll in MSRED or other courses.  Only those credits earned in the MSRED program after matriculation in the JD program may be applied to the JD degree.  Students must consult the COL Code of Academic Regulations and the HCBE Student Catalog for further restrictions on taking courses simultaneously in both programs and other degree requirements.

Requirements for Awarding of Dual Degrees

Students must complete all graduation requirements prescribed by each college to receive both the JD and MSRED.

1. MSRED Program Acceptance of JD Courses:

HCBE students will receive nine credits towards the MSRED by completing and receiving a C or higher grade in the JD courses listed below. The requirement to take the three listed MSRED courses will be waived by virtue of completing these law courses with a C or higher grade.  The nine credits will be transferred to the MSRED program pursuant to the NSU transfer of credit policies.

Required MSRED Course JD Course Equivalent
REE 5881 - Real Estate Law and Ethics (3 credits) LAW 0612 - Contracts (4 credits)
REE 5884 - Land Use Regulation (3 credits) LAW 0653 - Property (4 credits)
REE 5866 - Real Estate Special Topics (3 credits) LAW 0662 - Legal Research & Writing 1 (3 credits)

2. JD Program Acceptance of MSRED Courses:

COL students will receive up to nine credits towards the JD from the MSRED courses listed below. COL students must receive a grade of B or higher grade in a course for the credits to transfer. Students taking any of the courses listed below may be precluded from taking JD course equivalents and are subject to limits on distance learning credits and non-classroom credits as detailed in the COL Code of Academic Regulations. In addition, students must obtain written approval from the COL prior to enrolling in any of the courses below. Credits will be transferred to the JD program pursuant to the NSU transfer of credit policies.

MSRED Courses Accepted by JD Program
REE 5862 – Real Estate Market Analysis (3 credits) 100% Online class
REE 5864 – Real Estate Development Software (3 credits) 100% Online class
REE 5865 – Real Estate Construction Principles (3 credits) 100% Online class
REE 5868 – Real Estate Development ePortfolio (1 credit)
REE 5878 – Real Estate Development Process I (3 credits)
REE 5879 – Real Estate Development Process II (3 credits)
REE 5880 – Real Estate Finance (3 credits)
REE 5882 – Land Use Planning and Project Design (3 credits)
REE 5887 – Real Estate Investments (3 credits)
REE 5890 – Real Estate Accounting (3 credits)
REE 5894 – Real Estate Capital Markets (3 credits)

JD MSRED Course Descriptions

3. Other Program Requirements:

  1. Program and graduation requirements may change from time to time. Students are required to consult with each college to determine the policies currently in effect.
  2. Students must consult with each college’s student services and financial aid offices for further information about tuition, financial aid eligibility, and course registration requirements. 
  3. The effective date of this program is July 1, 2017.

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