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Juris Doctor Program

The Juris Doctor (JD) Program is designed to ensure that students develop the knowledge, skills, and values that are at the heart of becoming trusted, highly adept, professional lawyers who are respected for serving clients, their communities, and justice. All students in the program must complete 90 semester-hours of study, which is six semesters long (three academic years) in areas that are essential to the understanding and practice of law. In addition to a wide variety of courses in many areas of the traditional legal field, the curriculum provides numerous opportunities in courses and clinics for students to develop the practical problem-solving, negotiation and mediation skills needed in an ever changing legal landscape. The College of Law combines traditional and innovative teaching methods to provide a dynamic, professional program. We draw from the rich community of practitioners in the South Florida area who teach specialized courses and help to bridge the gap between legal theory and practice. The JD curriculum is designed to develop students' analytical ability, communication skills, and understanding of professional responsibility and ethics that are central to the practice of law.

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