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Online AAMPLE, offers coursework through distance learning technology, thus providing the option for those who wish to participate in AAMPLE but cannot be in Fort Lauderdale or who are not available during the day. Students are required to attend at least four hours of live synchronous classroom instruction each week in each of the two courses. Additionally, Online AAMPLE courses use discussion boards for asynchronous communication which requires students to post weekly written answers to questions generated from assigned course materials. Students receive both written and oral feedback from their course instructors as the courses progress. When registering you will be able to see the live classroom schedules for each section and choose the option that best suits your schedule.

Because this is a demanding program, we recommend students do not work or take any other classes at the same time. Regular participation in Online AAMPLE courses is required; students not participating will be removed from the program.
The following are Online AAMPLE success rates from previous years.

2017 2016 2015 2014 2013
59% 72% 59% 79% 69%
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