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At NSU, we believe dreams are meant to be realized, that dedicated individuals deserve a chance, and that success is limited only by the height of your aspirations.

The Alternative Admissions Model Program for Legal Education (AAMPLE ®) offers determined individuals, for whom direct admission to law school is questionable based on traditional admission criteria, the opportunity to earn a place in the classroom. This performance-based admissions program rewards students who demonstrate the desire, commitment, and level of achievement necessary to manage the rigors of law school. Those admitted through AAMPLE demonstrate a strong potential for success in law school.

AAMPLE consists of two law school courses, Introduction to the 4th Amendment and Negotiable Instruments, selected from our regular law school curriculum and modified to provide the most accurate indication of a student's potential for law school success. The courses are taught by tenured professors from our full-time faculty. Admission for the fall is guaranteed to those who achieve a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or better in these two courses, with no grade lower than a “C.”

Success in this program earns you admission to the J.D. degree program. American Bar Association Standards do not allow the law school to count the grades earned in AAMPLE courses in your law school grade point average or toward the 90 credits required for graduation.

We believe that everyone invited to participate in AAMPLE  has the potential to succeed if she or he has the determination, acts on it, and devotes full attention to the program. All AAMPLE  students who achieve the required GPA are admitted to the J.D. program for the fall. There are no quotas or limits that would inhibit admission to those who achieve the performance standard.

AAMPLE  grades and subsequent admission decisions are final and not subject to appeal. Neither the professors nor the school's administration can, or will, change grades once they are posted except for clerical errors, such as an accidental grade entry written on the grade sheet. AAMPLE is offered in both on-campus and online formats. Participation in AAMPLE is by invitation only as the result of the decision of the NSU Law Admissions Committee upon review of the application for J.D. Admission. If you previously participated in AAMPLE or you have previously enrolled in law school, an invitation to AAMPLE will not be made until a minimum of five years has passed.

Tuition and fees for AAMPLE, in either format, are $1,680. Because this is a pre-admission program, participating students are not eligible for financial aid for AAMPLE. A deposit of $300 is required to reserve a seat in AAMPLE and the balance of tuition is due before classes begin.

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